About Us

Local Co. Hamper is owned and operated by two sisters, enjoying their sun, surf and sand-filled lives in Papamoa. In the essence of gift giving, together we create boutique gift hampers stocking only the best of locally handcrafted goodness.

Local Co. Hamper was born from a love of everything local. With a passion for supporting the local business economy, Local Co. Hamper brings together the very best local makers, creators and gourmets from local sources. Be assured to receive a crate showcasing the best of what our local makers and creators have to offer!

We avoid mass produced goods and favour small, single origin batches. Think of our hampers as an elevated version of the traditional gift box, with only the very ‘best-of-the-best' in one neat package. Waste is kept to a minimum, if any, with many products using recyclable packaging and our wooden crate is a useful box to reuse.

You can be assured that every item in every hamper has been carefully considered. If we don't LOVE it then you won't find it in one of our hampers!

Local Co. Hamper provides the perfect gift solution for any occasion - or for ‘no occasion’; how lovely to give a gift just because! Birthdays, engagements, house warming, a new baby.... any celebration is better with a crate of goodness. We can also help when things aren't so good and you need something to say, "Get better soon" or "We are thinking of you."

Pick from a selection of pre-made hampers or build your own gift hamper to suit your specific needs. All delivery and taxes are included so there are no hidden costs creeping up on you at checkout.

We look forward to being part of your gift giving experience.

J&M x